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It has been just over two years since I branched out on my own as a freelance writer. There have been some ups-and-downs along the way, which can be expected when running any new business, but one of the things I neglected to do was to design and order business cards.

As I mentioned in a previous post, when it comes to freelancing there are the fat months and there are the lean months, and thankfully the first twenty-odd months have been relatively fat.

A few months ago my website was hacked, which I will discuss further in a future post, and things now seem to be back in order. However, the biggest downfall has been my search engine result position (or SERP) at Google.

For the fat months, I was in a relatively good position — between the #4 and #8 spot at and around the mid-40s at — for the search term ‘freelance writer‘.

This put me in a good position for those looking for a freelance writer, and although not all inquiries panned out, I was able to turn a few potentials into some great clients.

To put it all into perspective, things were so good that 99.9% of my leads came electronically through my website. This resulted in never having the opportunity to require a business card. That was until I got hacked.

When searching for a freelance writer, no longer comes up in the top ten results, or the top fifty. Not even in the top one hundred. Today my poor website is listed somewhere in and around the top 300 search results — and maybe even higher. No one has the time to search through thirty plus pages, so once again the months are lean. Very lean.

While I try to increase my website’s ranking the opportunity has now arisen to design and order some new business cards. It’s time to get out there and do some old fashioned lead generation, and in order to accomplish that I need a business card that stands out.

After spending a few days tinkering with design options here is what I came up with. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think: Business Card

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